Thursday, 19 April 2012

Oh no!

While I was busy washing up a parcel arrived.

Mike took it into the lounge and started opening it, well he got Toni to.

Can you tell what it is yet?

I'm not impressed with the service! Aren't they supposed to lose it at the depot only to find it six months later after irate phone calls and threats of legal action?


  1. Clearly it is an ironing board, but the packaging of it is shoddy AND wasteful, meaning more work for you, I suppose... can you bill them? I hope it wasn't damaged in shipment... and that Toni had some fun with it.

  2. That is definitely a spaceship airfix kit. How did you and Paula train your sogs to open the post? or should that be "why"?!

  3. Who said any thing about training?!? She just takes it upon herself to help, not always appreciated mind you, especially when it is cuddly toy stuffing.......

  4. What amazing service - both from the supplier and Toni! ;D