Thursday, 10 June 2010

Little op, BIG OP.

Lonely after one morning, silly I know, but missing my Lorna while she has her "little" massive operation.
We've been through a lot recently there is no denying, so as extras go, this one was not the most welcome, although necessary addition to the health itinerary.
Lorna's Doc promised her a "new woman" tag...... I I already love the old one, but hey, this is progress, maybe the new one will be able to spell as well as add
Making my way to the hospital in the disabled car that has it's own space, although maybe it is supposed to be because I'M disabled and not because the clutch has gone, to take my visiting rights. Makes a change from the other way around. Must sort out the grapes from the fridge, got to have something to munch while i'm sat there.
I do hope Lorna is ok. Not had to worry like this in a long time. I'm sure she will be.