Friday, 27 January 2012

What's That ?!? 2012 week 2

Yes it's Friday again. The answer to last week was......... one of my eye lashes. As you can tell I don't get to wear much make-up these days, if it had been my daughter's you would have seen layer upon layer of mascara!

This week I have two pictures of the same thing.

Talking of what's that, I had a "What's that?!?" moment on Saturday when I was tidying the bottom of the wardrobe. Who of you out there remember these;

I mentioned them back in February 2011, but of course I'd forgotten all about them. Well I decided to strike while the iron is hot and so far we have;

A back and most of a front. The bigger needles make me feel really clumsy, but I've got to admit, they don't half make it go quickly!

Friday, 20 January 2012

What's that?!? 2012

Firstly, Mike is now much better, well his chest infection has gone at least. My memory continues to be a real problem. It is partly because of it that I blog so infrequently, I either forget to start a post or forget what it was I was going to say. It is so bad now that I often end up giving myself a migraine with the stress of trying to recall where I've put something.

Now that the jumper/dress is finally finished I have started on a pair of socks, surely they won't take me a year? Luckily the pattern repeat is very small and I can manage a set of rows before I put it down, that and a tally makes my memory less of an issue.

I forgot to mention previously that my Christmas pressie from Mike was a microscope which has a small camera that connects to the PC. I am now able to flummox you all with a new season of "What's That!?!" posts. How exciting is that?

Monday, 9 January 2012


Poor Mike is still feeling really rough. The paracetamol has given him a HEADACHE and the antibiotics have made him feel sick. He managed to eat 1 cream cracker yesterday and so far today nothing. He has been taking antisickness tablets, but they don't seem to have helped. At least he'll lose the weight he put on over Christmas!

I finally finished the knitting I posted about here. The finished article however doesn't look anything like the idea I had in my head when I started it. I got number 3 daughter to model it for me in the hope that younger curves would improve it. On the plus side it is warm and no-one will see it under a long coat.

Friday, 6 January 2012

2012 - Year of the owl

Happy New Year to you all. A bit late I know, but I'm still waiting for my new brain to arrive. Whoever said ignorance is bliss didn't have a clue and the current TV adverts for dementia aren't helping my confidence!

It will seem at little strange then to read that my only resolution for this year is to learn. I realised a couple of weeks ago that despite being an "adult" for 30 years, I am still making some of the same mistakes in my life. So I decided it was time I started to learn from those mistakes. I also want to learn new skills. I am totally addicted to Strictly Come Dancing and yearn to be able to dance. I want to re-learn how to crochet, I seem to have forgotten everything my nan taught me. I want to learn about the people and world around me. I simply want to learn. (I'll probably forget most of it mind you.)

On the health front all seems to be well, but of course like everyone else in the same situation, we tend to find ourselves waiting for the next appointment once the blood tests have been done. At least Christmas was quiet this year, I think it may have been the first one when no-one had a cold or felt like "death warmed up" during the festive period.  The only problem we have now is post-Xmas blues, the house looks so bare without the decorations.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to show you the finished article that I started back in 2010!!!

Addendum as at 7 p.m.

Mike started to feel ill just after I blogged and is now on antibiotics and an inhaler for a chest infection. Temperature after paracetamol 38.2 C. Remind me never to blog all is well in the future!