Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's a dog's life - By Toni

I thought I would share today's adventure with you all. L and M decided I had earned a nice long walk as I have spent many long days watching the pair of them in the garden. I'm not sure what it is they are doing, other than providing my mortal enemies, (the blackbirds,) with a constant source of fresh worms to eat. On the plus side, it does mean they have to land and I only have to perfect my creep and I'm sure I will get one.

After a bit of discussion and a sitting at the computer they finally decided where to take me. They even printed off a map:

We got to Himley after lunch and after a quick walk around the Great Pool set off towards Baggeridge. I was so excited as I was allowed to run off my lead. I chased a few birds and nearly caught something I heard rustling in the undergrowth. When we got to the visitor centre we stopped and had a drink. There were some water bowls provided, but I didn't know who else had been drinking from them so L had to get my own bowl out of her bag. L and M had a coffee.

After a short break we set off once more. Past a couple of waterfalls:

I met loads of other woofers. Most of them were friendly enough. One even tried to follow us and completely ignored the human she was with.

We had to stop for a sit down a couple of times:

For some strange reason M decided he looked better like that. It might explain his slightly dodgy photo of L:

Or maybe she was just hoping if she closed her eyes, she would wake up back at home with a nice cup of tea.

Finally we got back to Himley and we all had an ice cream. Well L got a couple of licks of hers and then I helped her with her dye-eating thing and finished off the ice cream and cornet. The pair of them reckoned I should sleep well tonight after our 6 mile walk.

On the way home L and M popped into a shop to get some food for tea. I thought they had abandoned me forever. Luckily they made sure there was steak for me too.

I've got to admit, my paws are a bit on the sore side.