Saturday, 3 December 2011

So soon?

Now Pat was a PROPER postman.

It seems I may need to get my skates on. Having checked with the enigma that is the Royal Mail, I appears that Monday 5th Dec is the last recommended day for Christmas post to Australia. That's airmail not surface mail! Mike didn't believe it could take so long. I  reminded him of the cheque book saga. I order new cheque book, two weeks later still no cheque book, phone bank and order another, five days later second cheque book arrives (I know this as I was told what the first cheque number would be). Two days later first ordered cheque book arrives, by which time I had already called bank and had said cheques cancelled. Oh yes, our postal service goes from strength to strength.

Our (by which I mean my) homemade Christmas is progressing very slowly. With the exception of the cake, which I made on "Stir-up Sunday" there is very little I can do yet on the food front for fear it won't keep. A bit of a nuisance as I planned to give food presents this year. At least I've made a good start on the cards, just as well given the above fact.

Eat your heart out Delia.
The above cake has already been "fed" with brandy twice. I might need to do the same if things don't pick up.