Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lessons part 2

I have just taken delivery of four gorgeous Rowan pattern books, which of course I bought from the usual auction site. I may never get round to knitting most of them, but the photos are a joy by themselves. I can see there is a good chance, when I need a new wardrobe, that more yarn will be looked for in the Summer sales.

As an added bonus, Mike suddenly has a whole new interest in knitting and has requested that I knit him this little beauty:

Being the generous soul I am, I agreed immediately, on one condition, that I can also knit this:

I wonder what gauge of needle you need for him?


I thought that I would share a few of the lessons that I have recently learnt:
  • That blueberries taste way better when muffed. They are just weird!
  • That buying a bundle of assorted dpn on eBay means a Sunday morning spent sizing and sorting. Will I ever use them?
  • What a fat quarter of fabric is. Mike thought I'd said fat hind quarters, not sure why I'd be looking for those on eBay.
  • That Mike is an expert on curtain making. Especially good at sideline comments.
  • That builders arrive too early in the morning to have a proper breakfast and yogurt does get boring, bordering on revulsion now.
  • That too much choice can cause heated discussions. Who knew you could disagree on bell chimes?
  • That chocolate should be made fat and sugar free so I can have some.
Knitting continues to go very slowly. I have started a pair of mittens for daughter number 2 in the same purple wool. She has requested mitten style with fingerless glove underneath. You all know the sort, the ones where you can unbutton the mitten and fold it back.