Wednesday, 10 February 2010

You can't please all of the people...

Despite some bad feedback, Mike has decided, nay, insisted that we keep this blog going. We would like to make it quite clear to everyone that I may type it, but Mike is the one who dictates it.

Yesterday was photo day. Mike had seven snapshots taken of various parts of his body. I can't wait to see how cute his bones are. There was one small problem however, he forgot that he was going to have to get undressed for his photoshoot and put on black socks, which didn't look too good with his white trainers, the radiologist teased him no end. Where is Gok when you need him? Mike certainly needed advice on how to look good naked while being x-rayed!

It seems that our dog Toni, a Jack Russell Terrier, has worked out that there is something going on with Mike's bone marrow, she's requested a doggy bag next time he has a sample taken so that she can analyse it for herself.