Friday, 17 December 2010

My bad.

I discovered, via facebook, that my last blog entry caused a food crisis in a certain household up north. It was requested that I make amends as poor Buddy had missed out on his share of a scone (however you say it!)

So I decided (as Mike WILL NOT be going in before Monday evening) that I would take some advice, kindly given in a previous comment, and keep myself occupied. So as is my want I started baking and decided to make scones for Buddy. Unfortunately while I was waiting for them to cook half of my new bathroom suite arrived and I left them slightly too long. As they are not up to my very high standard I cannot possibly send them out to Buddy, Paula and B, so we've had to eat them ourselves. Sorry Paula.
I guess I could try again when I've cleaned the crumbs away. 
Toni reckons they didn't taste tooooooo bad.