Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Working his way through it.

I am beginning to suspect that Mike has a secret. I think he has a medical procedure encyclopaedia hidden under his bed and is doing his utmost to work his way through it. Today he must have opened the page on 'L' as he is due to have a lumbar puncture tomorrow (ouch says I). Not satisfied with two MRI scans, a barium swallow test and a chest x-ray, that's four tests in six days people, he wants to make it five in seven. That doesn't include all the blood tests of course, well they don't really count when you've got mm do they! (It is weeks like this that make you realise how lucky we are to have the NHS and not find ourselves with a pile of bills!)

Mike is pretty much the same as yesterday. Still dribbles, still cannot talk clearly, still cannot swallow or open his eyes properly and he still cannot puff out his cheeks. He has begged them to let him out for a bit, but the doctor said they couldn't in case he twisted his neck strangely and paralysed himself.