Thursday, 22 December 2011

It's on its way. Yipee.

Well yesterday was the shortest day so that means Summer is on its way. Yipee. But before I get carried away, I think I had better check how Christmas is doing.

Cards made and posted - check.

Presents all wrapped - check.

Food in cupboard and fridge - well apart from Christmas lunch, we're collecting the meat tomorrow, check.

Food for Christmas Eve - check. This year we are having an Italian Extravaganza. Homemade pizza, lasagna and tiramisu for dessert, and anyone who has ever tried my pizza knows that it will be a meal fit for a king. Now that my eldest two have left home, Christmas Eve is the only chance we get to sit down as a family.

Christmas cake made and iced - check.

So yes, it all seems to be under control this year. It's hard to believe last year was so very different.