Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thinning Thursdays - The fat and the thin of it.

On Tuesday I mentioned purchasing a fat quarter of fabric. This prompted Paula to ask what I was doing with said piece of material. I also mentioned buying 100 unsorted dpn and it was because of them that I realised I needed somewhere to store them. Mike suggested a needle case, but when I saw how much they wanted for them I decided to make my own using the fat quarter and a small amount of the curtain lining I bought (52 metres of cotton sateen for £74!).  I only need 20m for the curtains I've got to make so I'm wondering if the other 30m will make a dress for a wedding.

So here it is, my very own needle case:

That's the fat so what about the thin? After a week of dye ate ing I have lost 3lbs. So how do I feel about it? A little disappointed as in the past I would lose twice that, but I should be realistic and remember I'm older now and in reality have given up very little. So on balance (balance get it?) I'm pleased with the week's achievements.

P.S. I'd just published mine when I realised Paula had done Thinning Thursday too. More the merrier I say. Oh, but if you are having or just had an SCT you are disqualified on the grounds of unfair advantage.

P.P.S. Mike is very good with the zoom on his lap top and has managed to find out Paula's weight, who would have thought she weighs as much as a bag of spuds.