Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Next time we are going to Holby.

Has anyone else noticed how quickly patients get treated at the hospitals we see on telly? They go to Casualty for a cut finger and before you know it, a barrage of tests are done and some rare disease found. Then they are whisked off to a ward in Holby where treatment/surgery happens immediately.

Now I realise that in real life things are never as they appear on the gogglebox, (look how big chocolate bars are in the adverts compared to the morsel you get from the shop!) but the patience required by m.m. sufferers is truly amazing!
Over the last few weeks we have read so many tales of how long it took to get a diagnosis and that is merely the start of it. The wait for results, the wait for treatment, the wait for more results to see if said treatment has worked, the wait to start harvesting for SCT, the list goes on and on. Even when someone is told they are in remission they are still waiting, hopefully for many years, but still they are waiting for m.m. to come knocking and say "Honey, I'm home!" Jack Torrance style. (Apologies to Mr Nicholson but that demented character is just how I see myeloma. Funnily enough I've never actually seen the film.)

So to all m.m. sufferers out there, be they smouldering, full-blown or in remission:
You all have the patience of a saint and I salute you.