Thursday, 15 April 2010

The advantage list.

Finding out that Mike had Myeloma was like opening the curtains one morning to find the house was floating in the middle of the Atlantic. Being mostly positive people (look I'm a woman and I'm allowed to stray occasionally) we have decided to seek out the advantages of Mike's affliction. As they say on tv, "In no particular order."

  1. I now have a really easy way of distinguishing between he who I live with and he who I divorced. There is Myeloma Mike and there is the other Mike. Yes I know, what are the odds on marrying two Mikes. At least I didn't have to worry about talking in my sleep. ;)

  2. We have made virtual friends with a whole bunch of interesting, mostly insane people who seem to think that life with myeloma can still be humorous. There is always someone's blog to have a giggle at, or more precisely, pmsl.

  3. From Mike's point of view, he can now shoot the parking warden who gives him a ticket for being 30 seconds late. His reasoning being, that he might be dead by the time the case gets to court! Please note, Mike isn't actually a violent man, but he can dream!

  4. Mike has life assurance, so if he doesn't last, I get to have my world cruise. Actually we both do (have life assurance I mean), so it doesn't actually matter who pops their clogs first, I might still beat him to it. (We're a very competitive couple, you should see us playing Scrabble!!!)

  5. It has given us both a good kick up the proverbial and instead of complaining about the weather, we just dress for it and go out and enjoy life any way. Funny how it all looks so much better when you think it might be in short supply.

So with all those paddles and the odd bloggy lifeline, we should be able to survive.