Saturday, 5 February 2011

I've been a bad girl

You know how I mentioned the Rowan pattern books? Well I was bored on Wednesday and so I was just window shopping online, looking at this and that. I discovered that the yarn in two of the books has been discontinued, I wasn't too worried though as I was sure a substitute yarn could be found at a later date. Then the dreaded link to eBay appeared. Someone was selling their stash and in it was the very yarn I needed. I tried to resist, but it was no use, I had to place a small bid. Every thing was fine until there was only two minutes to go. I quickly worked out how much the yarn would cost to buy had it still been available and then halved it. That was my maximum bid. Sixteen  seconds to go and I was outbid again by 50p. No way I was  going to lose it for 50p! So with only seconds to go I placed one last bid. Would it be enough? Was there a Ruth or Paula in the background bidding against me? The seconds counted down........
My new additions
As you can see I won. Now don't look at me like that, Mike knew what I was doing AND he encouraged me. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce the new additions to my house.
Sandy: Rowan Linen Print. 20 small balls.
Gauguin: Rowan Braid 10 small balls
I've just got to find a home in the wardrobe for them, I must finish the other glove and jumper. Well it stops me using my hands for anything naughty! Wash your mind out Paula I meant eating!!!

Talking of Paula, this new purchase got me wondering whether she had made suitable arrangements for her stash should a bus go through the front of her house squashing her.  

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