Thursday, 21 July 2011

July 21st Garden

It's the 21st again so time for an update on my vegetable garden.

Beetroot looking good.

NO!!! Not more courgette/zucchini

Cherry Tomatoes

Marmande tomato

Raspberry plants take over the world
I mentioned last week that we had been busy in the garden, doing this:

Which resulted in this:

So much soil for such a small hole and I get to riddle it all and put the big stones in a skip.


  1. Wow that Marmande tomato is something to behold - as to courgettes - again, blah! Why plant them when you could be growing strawberries? ;D

  2. I tried growing strawberries but the slugs/snails got them first. Next year my raspberries will conquer the world!!!!!

  3. Hats off - so long as I can stand in the shade - to you for a great garden!!!