Friday, 29 July 2011


At long last the pond is finished. Yes the slabs are meant to look like that, we will be adding some ground cover plants to fill the gaps in due course. We also took a shine to a garden arch that we spotted in the local DIY store.

As you can see from the photo we worked late into the night installing it. The plan is to have roses climbing over it. The photo was taken from the new concrete pad where a shed will be going, again in due course.

Of course a pond wouldn't be complete without residents, so we'd like to introduce you to some of them.

You can see the three golden koi, the golden tench and two A. N. Others who are also some sort of koi (I'm not an expert, my son's mate is.) There are another three koi, one of them silver and two green tench somewhere.

They'll have to learn to be quick eating mind you, Toni keeps stealing their food from the top of the water!


  1. How tranquil a pond can be... it will be fun to see it evolve into your vision!

  2. Oh, I received the most delicious package this week! I love it more than the picture you posted. And I thought the post card was a hoot!\
    Thank you so very much. xo

  3. Lovely but do the fish follow a mouse like the ones at the bottom? Now I'm thinking about the Toni and mouse combination equalling very dizzy fish! ;D

  4. 'Scuse me - where is the rubber duck? What kind of a pond is that, eh?
    (A very posh one! I bet yours doesn't have a fine film of diesel over the top either!)

  5. It was raining here... the kind of fall drizzly stuff that we aren't supposed to get until six months from now in South America... so I decided to take a break and blog surf. I found this funny little blog and thought about you and your fish pond and any of your readers wanting fish might enjoy this as well: on how to train your fish to do tricks and such like. No need to be bored, focus on this project for a bit - might have you blowing bubbles, tho. LOL