Thursday, 2 June 2011

Forgive me people.

I might as well warn you all that this is not an uplifting, cheerful, or helpful post. It is a tear stained grumble of the biggest possible magnitude. The reasons are many, at least I think they are, maybe everything is linked and it is more a domino effect, hell I don't know and more importantly I don't care.

First thing was that yesterday I went to see my hairdresser, worried about getting a cut on the day, just in case, I decided 2 weeks before was a good idea. Oh boy I am glad I did. A trim turned into a massacre. It is so short, and I can only hope it grows miraculously over the next 12 days. Every time I go to the loo I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I burst into tears. Everything was meant to be perfect for my special day. I thought about posting a pic, but my red rimmed eyes are not attractive. Mike thinks it looks wonderful. The irony is that it is how I wanted it for Solidarność but on that occasion it was left too long. I don't have a long hair fetish, just an idea of how I thought it should look given the dress I'm wearing. So that was the starter.

The main course (well the next bit) was something I cannot really discuss, let's just say there are a few issues with the extended family.

Which brings us to the dessert course which is exactly what I did last night. I drank a bottle of wine (yes a whole one to myself) and defrosted a cheesecake (lemon and very yummy) and this morning I feel wretched because I have spoilt my D.I.E.T. and the guilt of that and my hair and the spitefulness of other people makes me want to buy a cream cake.

12 days to go folks, do you think I'll cheer up in time?


  1. C'mon kid - get a grip! Of course you're going to cheer up in time, you're stressed right now, but you know what's important and what's not - and you'll work it out.
    Did you eat the whole cake as well as drink the whole bottle?
    Who wants to look like Kate Middleton, er, sorry, Catherine Middleton anyway?
    love Lynne and Dave

  2. Not quite all the cheesecake Lynne and Dave, but nearly. I was never going to be as thin as the Middletons, bone structure all wrong.

    Any way, you've cheered me up by reminding me you are coming to the wedding. Going to be a great day, even if I do look "boyish" ;)

  3. OMG shorter than Solidarność surely not!?!?! Just kidding - haven't you heard short hair's the new long.

    With under 12 days to go that whine, sorry wine and cheesecake isn't gonna make that much difference - unless of course it made you feel better.

    As for in-laws - I have no idea how to represent a large raspberry sound in words. :D

  4. Now just you calm down, young woman! Pixie cuts are SO in touch with the zeitgeist! And if you are really desperately unhappy there's always clip-on extensions: I recommend purple. Perfect for a wedding.
    If it makes you feel any better, we found out there was big family wedding in our town last weekend and FL wasn't invited (presumably because of me). There is always that method - tell them they aren't invited if they won't play nice!