Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I probably won't ever win a Nobel Prize like Lech Wałęsa, but I like to think that my act of Solidarity may be appreciated by some. "What is she talking about?" I hear you cry. Let me show you:My impression of Cousin IT. Hang on Mike says I can't use that photo.

This is me at 09:30 GMT.
This is me at 11:00 GMT. Can you spot the difference?
Why? Well when we found out about Mike's little illness I told him that when his hair fell out I'd have mine shaved off so we could walk around looking like a pair of skittles or maybe the bowling balls. Since then the weather has turned a little too chilly so instead of shaving my head I've had my hair cut, now I just need to weave or knit the hair into a wig for Mike.

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  1. Chicken! - I would so have knitted you a hat or two! (I am really only kidding - DO NOT TAKE THAT AS A DARE!) B couldn't even consider it! ;D