Monday, 27 December 2010

On the second day after Christmas my true love gave to me....

Two turtle doves, well so far not so much doves, but the promise of 2 units of blood. Over the last couple of days since the Melphalan Mike's Hb has gradually fallen from 11 to just below 9 which inevitably means he's feeling fatigued and a bit short of breath, especially when he has to make the long trek to the toilets. Things are a bit slow today as it seems the Bank Holiday has messed things up with the doctors and the pharmacy.

Further to Mike's game of Russian Roulette with the yellow gunge he is now being given caspofungin, which the nurse called "the bling of antifungals." Wow, yet again Mike gets the caviar of drugs. Mike says he deserves it after all that he went through earlier in the year.

Still no nausea, nothing GREEN and nothing falling out (so long as you don't count the jim jam incident!) Oh and the nurse requested I bring in a spare bra so we can work out where Paula went wrong!

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  1. And you know what I didn't send that IV stand a Christmas card! ;D