Thursday, 16 December 2010

Hi there blogsters.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone for their support and to say we have good news...... but I can't, well I can't say we have good news, I can still say thank you though. It looks like they have heard about Mike and his antics and have decided they would rather wait until the New Year when they will need cheering up.**

Short but sweet I know, but as I currently have no windows and no bathroom at all, I need to take a trip to Tezko* to use their facilities and get warm.

* As seen in Turkey. There are other supermarkets just that's the closest.
** It seems I may have given the impression that we have actually been told it will be the New Year. We have not, I repeat have not been given any info other than call again tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

I was looking through my old pics and stuff as I am bored and I found this small video of Toni that I recorded back in August 2008, the day after we got her. She was only 3 months old, but as you can see, she took no prisoners.


  1. Oh poo! It did cross my mind that this might happen as I remember being told last year something like that although the BMT unit was more or less business as usual other associated departments ie, pharmacy and x-ray weren't quite as 24/7 as Tezko!


  2. Sorry Paula if I mislead you with my puny attempt at humour. It might be tomorrow or next week or New Year or the next Blue Moon or when Hell freezes over etc. ;D

  3. Oh well at least you know where you stand.
    I am expecting FL's regular appt this week will be cancelled - they don't like dragging the country hicks into town when the road conditions are bad, in case they end up staying longer than planned!
    No windows?! We almost had no doors today - but luckily the joiner couldn't get here because of the weather - phew! The last thing you need in a blizzard is a hole in the wall!

  4. Oh no - I can't read can I? You don't have a date? You still don't know?! Aaaaargh!

  5. Or it could even be every Preston Guild or as I use to think it was as a child, every Pressed and Guild!

    Glad it wasn't just me - and now I have given you something else to worry about! :O