Thursday, 1 September 2011

Solfest and September.

So we're back from Solfest and September has crept up behind us. After over thirty years of "school" either as a student, wife or mother, it always feels like a new start. So what are my "New Academic Year" resolutions?

To blog more often, but that would inevitably mean a lot of posts about stuff you don't really want to read I suspect. I know that when we started the blog was to be about Mike and his Myeloma and our journey through it all. There came a point where we both wanted to talk and think about anything but the illness and so we started posting about other things (OK I did, but Mike was on the side giving directions.) We have been accused of not being informative. Very true, we're not doctors. In the early days I researched and read, but soon realised that even if I found something that related to Mike's weird responses to every drug they gave him, the information was shoved aside, leaving me feeling helpless and angry, so I stopped looking. I report events as they happen and maybe they will help others, but there are much better places to go to find medical information. Mike is in remission, which is fantastic, but I for one never forget what is around the corner and so we enjoy every day as it comes, including all the mundane stuff.

To get back onto my D.I.E.T. I decided that I would give myself a treat and took August off. A month of simply eating whatever I liked, not overeating, just enjoying homemade pizza or a slice of toast. It is time to get back to more sensible ways ready for the festive season ahead.

There are loads of similar ones like commenting more on other people's blogs and making more of an effort with my appearance (I've fallen into bad habits now I'm at home all day, jogging pants and trainers are the norm, not good.)

So tomorrow I'll be back to tell you all about our holiday up North. I bet you can't wait.


  1. I for one can't wait to see effort in your appearance - are we going for stylish pinnies and high heels while cleaning the blog, I mean bog? ;D

  2. I for one think she will have to wait till she is flush;-)