Friday, 25 March 2011

Thinning Thursdays - week 8 posted on fry-day morning.

Please let me know if you are getting bored with this topic. I'm not sure whether the lack of comments the past week have been due to lack of interest / you've all gone to sleep / nobody looks at the blog anymore.

After a busy day digging the garden (we've only done about 1/8th so far) I was too tired to post last night. I think all the soil moving has helped with the weight loss, four and a half pounds last week, my BMI is finally down below 30. I know I still have a way to go, but it is definitely progress.

Toni is enjoying the beautiful weather and spends most of her day sunning herself on the lawn. I have tried using the special sunblock we bought from the vet's for £15 in a bottle that we could carry in our hand luggage if we were taking the dog abroad! She isn't too keen on holding still while I spray it on her delicate skin and more goes on me than on her.


  1. Just to throw a spanner in the works I just commented on last week's Thinning Thursday!

    It's like this Lorna basically you're really, really good and keep loosing and I for one am extremely jealous. I mean 4.5 lbs off in one week! Where's the 4.5lbs on and .25lbs off which had nothing to do with eating a whole cake?

    Although after finding holiday pics from 2007 last night I'm cutting out the crisps and B had already been instructed on the sweet front as I put on 2.2kg last week and I have a spot!

    Mmm, alternatively I could just stop taking the anti sickness meds for the next week! That sounds like a plan. ;D

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm convinced the only way I lose weight is by getting the stomach flu so I either have to learn how to diet or say goodbye to my old clothes forever. (sigh)Y'all are so domestic over there. Between the sewing and stitching and gardening. I haven't found any time for any of that since Olivia was born. It's great to see all the projects though. So creative.

  3. How can you be losing weight with all those chorley cakes around the place? (See - I did read it!)
    Well done Lorna!
    And I thought about offering you another 85 acres to weed, but then I thought it sounded like showing off. Nevertheless....!?!