Monday, 31 January 2011

Where you been?

I bet you've all been wondering where we've been the past week. No? Shame on you!

It's been a funny week, that's funny strange not funny ha ha. I could have done with it being funny ha ha, but what the heck we can't be rolling around on the floor like hyenas all the time. Talking of African wildlife, I'm feeling more and more like a grey wrinkled specimen every day. Hippo or elephant, take your pick. Paula's dentist might have told her she had chubby cheeks, well she's got nothing on me, I am suffering from everything being chubby. I blame Mike for getting ill and forcing me to comfort eat and drink. It is to my shame that I post the following photo, taken the day Mike was due to jet off on holiday.

So in light of the fact I have a very important event in June I have decided to D.I.E.T. I don't like saying the word, so like a dog and the V.E.T., it has to be spelt. I've only been at it a few days, but already I'm dreaming about illicit pleasures like custard doughnuts and toast with butter. I miss chocolate. In fact yesterday, while I was sorting out some needles, I just happened to remark that I was missing a nice bit of 70% cocoa choc, which resulted in the following conversation:

Me: I don't think I can go for more than a week without chocolate. I think I'll give up on this diet lark.

Mike: Give up and I won't talk to you again.

Me: Double advantage points then.

I should add hurriedly, that Mike is in no way responsible for my decision to slim and his remark was said in jest, mine, given the lack of sins, was probably not! So I've got 19 weeks to lose more weight than your average supermodel.

For those still interested Mike's counts on Friday (28/1/11) were:
WBC: 4.9
Neutrophils: 2.5
Platelets: 70


  1. You're not alone, Lorna. Having been one of those people who could eat anything and not gain, I hit the 40's and that all changed. The stress of all this MM business doesn't help.
    The weight keeps creeping on and a few days without chocolate can have me "riding the broom" around here.The only upside is that in addition to growing out of my pants, I grew out of my bras and that's a new concept for little ol' me. I warned Tim a few months ago that "they" were the last thing to show up when the weight came on but they will be the first thing to disappear if I get the weight off. He told me that he plans to keep the cupboards well stocked with chocolate then. :o/

  2. You have very petite feet! :D and I'm so overtired at this moment in time that that's just the funniest thing ever - you know laughing so much that 'there will be tears before bedtime'.

    Anyhoo what about a blogging diet - ohh, ohh, Food Free Fridays or maybe Starving Sundays. No-one needs give their weight just how much they lost and if necessary a photo of the scale! ;D My antibiotics stopped having a cleansing effect! :(

  3. Well the blog has been a bit thin on the ground recently. Thinnning Thursdays it is then.

  4. I align with anyone who is on the Thinning Thursdays program and intend that we are all craving only that which makes us healthy and! (Intentions must be stated in the positive and present...) And this is for the highest and best good of all be it and SO IT IS... we can do this!