Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Hello dear readers. 

I desperately want to blog, but I don't actually have anything new to say. My JustGiving page has had no new donations since 25th January and we still have to wait until April 21st (it was meant to be 7th) to see Dr. B, although we did see the stem cell consultant a couple of weeks ago, so treatment date is delayed again. Mike says that's great but the lack of concrete plans makes me jittery. How can I make arrangements when I don't know when I am arranging for? Meanwhile Mike is still getting on with the dialysis whilst gradually getting more and more fatigued, his hb is now below 10 (100 on the new system). 

I'm stuck in limbo.

I hope you are all well. 


  1. UGH, this must be frustrating for you both. Delays are nerve-wracking. Thinking of you guys, and, as always, wishing there was something more physical I could do to help.

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  3. Hang in there, planning is stressful enough and to be delay for treatment makes it worse. Concentrate One day at a time.