Sunday, 21 February 2016

Blue period, black comedy.......

It's official. Mike will be going back onto treatment in April. The plan is to have a course of chemotherapy followed by a second stem cell transplant. The path however is not so easy. 

Before we start they have to first check whether Mike still has enough stem cells stored, who remembers the angst back in 2010? If you need a reminder you can read about  day 1day 2 and the final total . I hope they did keep half back, if not, then they might be able to get a few more out. 

The next hurdle is finding a drug to treat Mike with. Unlike our cousins in America, Scotland and Wales, NHS England has "rules" in place. You can't have Velcade a second time, even if it worked brilliantly when given in part previously. Between NICE, NHS England and Mike's kidneys being useless we have very few options. No trials will have him, the likes of Revlimid could cause a clot that would destroy his dialysis fistula, the old saying "stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea" comes to mind.

Mike is very laid back, Dr B. will work something out.......

Lorna is feeling like a caged animal whose life is in the hands of everyone else, with no control over any of it. 

I realise this time around that all my angst last time was caused by the feeling of not being in control of anything. I know because it is exactly the same this time. Who knew,  I am a control freak!!!

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