Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Further news

I am back from visiting Mike. They have moved him from Accident and Emergency to a proper ward and his "abdo." pain has been diagnosed as pneumonia, which is what we said it could be this morning!

Mike is relatively comfortable, I have taken him a new pair of jim-jams (his usual ones have long sleeves no good for cannula or dialysis access) , new slippers (why does he never have any when hospital beckons?) and his own feather pillow. He is on a high dose of codeine so he's nice and drowsy! 

His BP is still very low, but they are reluctant to pump anymore fluid into him for fear of doing more damage as his kidneys can't process it.

I'm going to settle down this evening with a good book, a gin and tonic and just relax, I need it.


  1. Take this time to do whatever you need to do. Mike is being cared for and now it it is time to take care of yourself. xo

  2. Gosh we sitting in the same boat. Jimmy went to high care today as he has Pneumonia. Look after yourself.

    Thinking of you lots