Saturday, 22 August 2015

21st Century Garden August 2015

A day late I know. The garden seems to have become a tangled mass of weeds and plants that have gone to seed, I know how they feel. The weather has been unpredictable at best, it usually rains on the days when I'm not busy doing other things. I might be making excuses too, I've been in a not gardening place. :(

There is some produce to see however:

Yes that's an apple, one of two which magically appeared! 

The peas have got a second wind, while the beans are intent on world domination.

 The sunflowers we planted are almost as tall, they add a splash of colour and hopefully will provide Autumn food for the birds. 

 Talking of wildlife, it seems a rather enthusiastic leaf cutter bee has taken a couple of rooms in the bee hotel. 

The leaves are now turning brown.
I seem to be flower mad this year, the snap dragons are beautiful and popped up in a whole range of colours. 

This morning I captured a bee visiting. 
Flight of the bee!


  1. I have never heard of leaf cutter bees. How fascinating!

    Your description of beans made me smile. They are rather unruly aren't they?

  2. I love the snap dragons and bee hotel! World dominating beans, I wonder if that's why I feel so aggressive after eating green beans? Okay, I don't, but they are scrumptious!

  3. Your produce is very impressive! Despite a promising spring display of blossom, our fruit trees all died back and the courgettes came to nothing. We have lots of herbs though some call them weeds ;)