Friday, 5 October 2012

Keep calm and keep typing

Don't panic!!!!!
Yes there is only a week to go until we have to email the speech to Myeloma UK so they can super check Mike isn't saying anything too radical.
Have we started it? Yes. 
Have we finished it? No.
Will it be less than 20 minutes in length? Not a hope with Mike's trick of removing equine legs.
Keep calm Lorna it will be fine. All you've got to do is click the mouse for the next slide in the PowerPoint presentation oh and finish the presentation when Mike has finished his speech.

Other news. Today I found a new blog. It is written by an incredibly witty young lady called Emma. She is only 28 and was diagnosed with Myeloma on 20th August. I thought I would share her with you all.


  1. dear lorna,

    i just know you and micky are a great team - look at all you have been through - together! and i am sure the speech/presentation is going to be something you will both be so proud of, and that myeloma uk will be very grateful for. i will be thinking of you, wishing you calm nerves and confidence to carry it all off.

    i also want to thank you for introducing us to emma; i started reading her blog and couldn't stop. she is, indeed, grace under fire, intelligently witty, and courageous in her chronicle of such a ghastly journey of suffering on so many levels. perhaps we'll be able to lend support and let her know we care deeply for this 28 yr. old woman robbed of the life she should be having.

    i am late in telling you how much i enjoyed the photo of your lovely pond. it must give you such delight and enjoyment - thanks for sharing.

    i hope we will have a chance to hear/see the myeloma uk presentation; will you let us know?

    love, xo,

    karen (the commentor)

  2. IM-pressed!! I want to hear all about it... and thanks for telling us about Emma - I will make a point of going over once in awhile and be one of her cheerleaders. Intending the speech goes well, that you and Mike find it enjoyable/interesting/rewarding, etc. Do you ever hear from Bernard? Please pass on my concerns to him...if you do.

  3. Hi Lorna and Mike

    I did a talk at the Manchester Myeloma info day which I had to fit into 10 to 15 mins as there were two of us doing a talk. As the day got nearer I got more nervous and when I started talking my mouth went dry, my voice shaky and my face red but no one said they noticed! However it did go really well, I enjoyed the accolade afterwards and raised a laugh or two with my slides. I put a link to the slides and the notes on my blog if you're interested.

    Good luck


  4. Hey there - Just reading back through old posts that I'd skimmed over but has Mike already given the speech (I'll assume yes). I just gave word to our crew at work of my status and one of the guys in London just reached out to me last week. Apparently he's friends w/ one of the higher ups at Myeloma UK - he's putting me in touch w/ her but I never thought to think you guys may already be in touch. I'll definitely drop Mike's name.

    Have a great holiday!