Friday, 22 June 2012


No matter how hard I have tried this week, I just can't write a proper blog. I tried to do my monthly garden post, but I just kept thinking about Paula and my courgettes and that made me sad. I know I have lots of other readers to amuse, so apologies to the rest of you.

It has been a bad month. The day before we visited Paula my eldest called to say he had slipped on the mud outside his tent and snapped his ankle in 2 places. Then we had the terrible news about Paula followed by another lady last weekend aged 52. Then on Wednesday morning I heard that my eldest daughter had been raped on her way home from work. She had just finished the night shift in a home for the elderly.

So sorry folks, I'll try and resume normal service after the funeral on Monday. Who knows, I might even have some funny tales of B and B to tell.


  1. Oh God, Lorna. I am SO sorry to read all of this. It is so difficult when the hits keep coming and you have had some REALLY tough ones. I hope your daughter and son are OK. Just unbelievable the trials you are having now and I send my love and strength to you. Things will smooth out, they always do. Hang on girl. xx

  2. Oh Lorna, my heart breaks for your family at this time of great loss and deep pain on so many levels. I'm so sorry so many terrible things have fallen on you and just pray for peace in the midst of the storm, especially for your daughter. Give B a hug for us on Monday.

  3. Oh, dear god. That is horrifying. I want to say I hope your daughter is OK but that comes across as so trite for something so terrible.
    Please post when you can. Sometimes the weight of the world flows through to our fingertips and makes it impossible to write. I am thinking of you and your daughter and sending love.

  4. dear lorna,

    when i read this post i was overcome with sadness for you. to have had such worrisome news about your son must have been very difficult -is he far away? and the unspeakable ordeal your poor daughter endured - such a nightmare, and you must have felt so helpless. i have thought of you every day since paula died, and know that it has been such a blow to have lost her. and then, again suffering the loss of your 52 year young friend - it's just too much. please know that i am thinking of you and sending love and powerful vibes for healing and strength to both you and micky. XO, karen sutherland

  5. You are in my thoughts. Cheryl