Saturday, 14 April 2012

To bed or not to bed?

I had hoped my next blog entry would be the cheerful "look how gorgeous my garden is" type or may be "look what I made isn't it / he / she fantastic". Instead it's the grumbling sort. Mike has yet another chest infection (if the truth be told I think it is the same one that has been around all winter, but Mike doesn't agree.) So after a fitful night's sleep it was off to the emergency doctor's at nine this morning to get a course of antibiotics. All pretty normal in this fab world of myeloma.

Now when I'm ill I tend to lounge on the sofa with a blanket and potter back and forth to the kitchen with occasional assistance from anyone who is passing, but Mike takes to the bed and has me running up and downstairs, which would be fine if I wasn't also not feeling my best (I somehow managed to inflict sneeze deafness and dizziness upon myself!) and if when I provided the requested refreshment he actually drank it. That's another thing, when I'm ill I still eat and drink, I was told by my mommy that I needed the energy to fight the infection, Mike does neither.

So a question to all you lovely blog readers, what do you and your loved ones do when they get ill?

Love you all. x


  1. Oh gosh, I probably shouldn't post this, but Tim is a pretty good patient. I do have to run up and downstairs too, but he listens to me when he is sick now, though that is probably the ONLY time he listens. I, like you, prefer the sofa. Close to the kitchen and my porch if I care to get some fresh air. When I am super sick, is the only time Tim will do dishes and load or unload the dishwasher. Otherwise, domestic duties are NOT his thing. I wind up having to hunt down certain utensils that he put in wrong drawers but it always makes me smile because it means he did something for me.I guess YOU better eat and drink to keep your energy up to fight Mike's illness.

  2. I'm a sofa gal too. The two exceptions have involved vomiting bugs and nausea strangely enough - one pre and one post mm. I did try the settee on both ocassions but just couldn't get comfy. I think I'm a good patient and B is a good nursemaid - it's best not to talk about when the roles were reversed when he damaged two discs in his back at work! ;D

    We love you too!

  3. Oh gosh, I don't have anyone to care for right now nor to care for me, except in the words of Tennessee Williams, " for the kindness of strangers..." but have been truly blessed to be pretty healthy. When I have been really under the weather, I tend to want tea, a cozy bed and sometimes a book. When I was caring for the relative with MM, I was ready to run up stairs, clean his line, drive to the hospital, take care of the child or whatever was asked of me. And I'd do it again but hope I never have to.

    It's really important for all caregivers to make sure they are keeping care of themselves as well... intending you are getting some rest, L!

  4. I am so behind in reading your blog! FL very rarely takes to his bed - if he does I know it's serious! Personally, I am a sofa-girl, but as I am not allowed to get sick, that doesn't happen very often either!
    Tell him to get well soon!