Friday, 27 January 2012

What's That ?!? 2012 week 2

Yes it's Friday again. The answer to last week was......... one of my eye lashes. As you can tell I don't get to wear much make-up these days, if it had been my daughter's you would have seen layer upon layer of mascara!

This week I have two pictures of the same thing.

Talking of what's that, I had a "What's that?!?" moment on Saturday when I was tidying the bottom of the wardrobe. Who of you out there remember these;

I mentioned them back in February 2011, but of course I'd forgotten all about them. Well I decided to strike while the iron is hot and so far we have;

A back and most of a front. The bigger needles make me feel really clumsy, but I've got to admit, they don't half make it go quickly!


  1. Love the colours. Fall colours are my favourite. :-)

  2. Working up quicker than the green one at least! ;D