Friday, 21 October 2011

What's That!?! 7

OK I know it's the 21st and in the past I would have been posting photos of my garden, but to be honest there isn't alot to show you. I haven't got the hang of year round growing so with the exception of one leek and raspberries which are still growing, still ripening and yet have no flavour, there is nothing to see. I'd like to say next year will be different, but I'll probably fail yet again. Story of my life, a heap of good intentions which inevitably end in either disaster or a bag at the back of the under stairs' cupboard. I wish like Roo and Paula I could actually finish my projects. I mean come on, Paula has been ill and look what she gets done!

Back to the answers to last week's teasers.

An apple and cinnamon teabag. Which makes the old tea strainer rather redundant. I know how it feels.

This week I have at least one easy photo. They might both be easy, who can tell.


  1. I so nearly texted you this morning when on the way to the hospital whilst in mid conversation over something else I blurted out 'herbal teabag' much to B's confusion.

    I know the first one but I need time to mull over the second one. :D

  2. Okay so the first one is beads but the second one - I don't know - part of the local ice cream parlour! I have no idea why something with mosaic tiles and writing makes me think of ice cream. ;D