Friday, 14 October 2011

What's That!?! 6

Last week I shared a couple of photos with you. This is what they were:

A mini grater that came with a mug and hot chocolate. A novelty Christmas pressie I received a couple of years ago.

A ginger nut. No not from next doors tom cat, but a biscuit which Mike is extremely fond of, well with a bit of help from Toni, he can get through a pack in one sitting.

This week's brain teasers are:

This last picture is not so much a "What's That" as a "What on Earth happened?".

Two tomatoes, one stalk. No photoshop has been used or abused!


  1. OK the first picture looks like leaves outside
    a window that's been decorated with webs for Halloween. But then I thought, "wait, do they celebrate halloween over there?" Well, it's the best I can do on that one. The second shot looks like a shower head to me. The 3rd shot, though we're not guessing, might be referred to by some over here as a "twig and berries" but that's a term that has nothing to do with vegetables......or twigs.......or berries either! ;o)

  2. The first is the knife edge used by some slasher eons ago? And the second looks like the nether end of a colander, but perhaps are the jet ports of a landing UFO? Thanks for this brain-teasing session... did you know that speaking two languages can fend off Old-Timer's disease? Just a head's up!

  3. Oh, I missed last weeks and I was going to guess that second one was some sort of cake but the first one had me completely flummoxed.

    I'm going for some sort of pot pourri sachet and your colander.

    Awwww, twin tomatoes! And as for Denise's comment well 'twig and berries' was a new one on me! ;D