Wednesday, 21 September 2011

September 21st Garden

Another month has flown by and it's time to show you all my garden. It is probably the very last time as the weather has turned a bit nippy and most of my produce has done it's thing and is now over.

A mess of unthinned leeks and compost tomatoes.

Slowly going red, chillies now it's chilly.

The raspberries are still doing what raspberries do.

The tomatoes still refuse to ripen.
Next month we'll have to find something more interesting to blog about, although if good news is no news we're glad we're boring you all.


  1. This was a bad year for tomatoes over here too. They just refused to ripen, even with an unbelievable hot spell that had temps over 100 degrees.My new neighbors have a patch of plants growing by my fence and they're still loaded with green ones. Glad to know there is smooth sailing on the MM front.

  2. Huh, snort, what...? ;D What about fried green tomatoes - is there such a thing or is it just a film? I liked Jessica Tandy - slightly random there I know.

  3. We had a good year for tomatoes this year. Raspberries were delicious and I am hoping for a few more to ripen. Maybe in October if it warms up but right now I it is cold and chilly and I am sitting wrapped in a blanket. I guess it is time to look forward to the winter vegetables. And you are not boring!