Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekend endings.

Despite having the attention span of a gnat, I have had a weekend of finishing things off. My daughter now has two wrist warmers:

Toni has a woolly jumper to wear down the park:

I even spent some time sorting out a few things in the new bathroom behind Mike's back, so the loo roll holder and towel rail are now in position.


  1. Tis good to hear about the blue funk passing over into a cover for Toni...

  2. You knit fair isle for a dog? And I thought I was a crazy kniting lady!

  3. Lovely wrist warmers which hopefully won't result in a conversation I once had 'Where'd you get your jumper from?' 'Me Mum knit it.' ' Where'd she nick it from?'

    Toni: 'Okaaaaaaay, let's see who I can show my jumper off to. Tut, nobody about, I'll just have to practice my dog walk poses in front of Mummy.'