Monday, 6 December 2010

Danish Blue or Red Leicester

Well after several attempts with the wonder stuff "Press and Seal" that my good friend Paula sent me, I at last felt confident enough to slide down far enough into the bath water to soak my pits.
Lorna: "aghhhh...don't do that! you'll get your line wet!"
Me: I've got to....... it's been 5 weeks!
Lorna: It'll only be a couple more weeks..... 2 months at best!
It will be vintage Cheddar at this rate.


  1. Don't tell anyone but the m-i-l hasn't had a bath since ohhhhh, must be MARCH! I'm thinking of covering everything in press'n'seal before she gets here on Boxing Day! ;D

  2. Don't you self-clean like an oven? Just turn the thermostat up a bit and you'll be fine!