Monday, 6 December 2010

Nothing like a Dame

Just when I'd collected up my charger, earphones, earplugs, laptop, bright green jim-jams, 341 pairs of pants and a copy of Woman's Weekly,( don't tell Victoria Wood ) my holiday gets put back cause there is congestion on the approach.
I rang ward 5 at the allotted time this morning of 10am only to be told that there are no beds available.... well might be at 12pm after holiday rep has been round and sent a few home.
Most likely to be sent home are the ladies apparently, which doesn't help me cause I'm a man. I suggested to the Rep on the phone that I have a mean Tina Turner outfit and that if I did my special walk, the ladies would be confused enough to not notice what I was, especially if they gave me the holiday cocktail quickly to get rid of the whiskers. I'm British, I like queues. Not my favourite hol destination anyway, not enough beach and too much salty water.
"Toni, will you stop looking at me like that!" I'll go and leave her and mommy in peace when I'm ready and not when the dog is sat there looking smug!
Oh well, looks like a few more days of anticipation, angst and alcohol !


  1. At least it gives the builders more time to get stuff finished! And at least you're already plumbed in! ;D

    Oh, but having been there what a bugger! I hate holiday disruption!

  2. Wishing you smooth sailing on your holiday from across the pond. I would suggest a lot of button front tops. Makes it easier for them to access your catheter and they'll be doing that A LOT.Hope everything goes well and you're out in time for Santa's visit.

  3. I'll be watching and listening from SA, checking in to see how things are going and intending great results...