Friday, 17 December 2010

My bad.

I discovered, via facebook, that my last blog entry caused a food crisis in a certain household up north. It was requested that I make amends as poor Buddy had missed out on his share of a scone (however you say it!)

So I decided (as Mike WILL NOT be going in before Monday evening) that I would take some advice, kindly given in a previous comment, and keep myself occupied. So as is my want I started baking and decided to make scones for Buddy. Unfortunately while I was waiting for them to cook half of my new bathroom suite arrived and I left them slightly too long. As they are not up to my very high standard I cannot possibly send them out to Buddy, Paula and B, so we've had to eat them ourselves. Sorry Paula.
I guess I could try again when I've cleaned the crumbs away. 
Toni reckons they didn't taste tooooooo bad.


  1. We could have played fetch! Bud keeps chewing through his balls (and I'm just gonna leave it at that because I don't know how else to put it without giving an even easier opportunity for one of you to pick up on) :D

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