Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Has Buddy moved house?

As reported in The Express and Star (Wolverhampton's local evening paper.)

Pipe chewed by dog

A dog which chewed through a water pipe after it was spooked by fireworks, caused a severe flood at a Black Country pensioner's flat.

The pensioner, believed to be in his late sixties, called fire crews to his ground floor flat in Wellington Road, Dudley shortly after 6pm, to make the electric safe.

The pet had bitten through a water pipe in the bathroom of the flat above. Owner Colin Cooper aged 56 said 13 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mollie always panicked at loud noises, including thunderstorms.

He added: "I was around my girlfriend's house for dinner when I got the call. She had bitten the pipe under the sink right out. I think she was panicking and trying to hide behind there."


  1. No, Buddy's still chewing his way through ours! And what better day could have you have picked to post this. :D

  2. Whew, I just went to check your blog to see if there were any new posts and before I could enter, I got a warning that the site I was about to enter contained adult content and was not suitable for (blah,blah, blah I forgot the exact working already). I had to click on that I accepted this and wished to continue before I could enter your blog site. I thought, "OH NO, what is that Mike up to now?" I thought we were gonna see another dress up pic but even more risque.I was admittedly a little scared but alas, all is normal, and g-rated. Hope all is
    well with y'all.