Friday, 19 November 2010

Awkward or what?

Is Mike normal in any way at all? (Well you must all know by now that he isn't!)

As previously posted we were told when we arrived this morning that people virtually never EVER produce more stem cells on the second day. Well in true Mike style he produced 2.2 million today, bringing the grand total to.............. 4.06 million. (They must have asked him to push while I was in the loo.) The nurse we spoke to said they need 2 million for each SCT, so maybe, just maybe they will manage to sort it so there is enough for 2, yes TWO SCTs. Fingers crossed that when we speak to PM on the 30th she is of the same opinion.



  1. I think I only produced 3.9 and a piddlely bit more. I never doubted Mike'd get there, possibly because I saw both posts together, and possibly because he'd had such labour pains! :D

  2. Congrats!! Make sure they keep them properly refrigerated!

  3. Crikey - that's pretty fertile!