Monday, 27 September 2010

Myeloma Calendar attempt

Last week I joined the Under 50's Myeloma site........ sssssshhhhhhhh....... Yes I know I'm older but they don't seem to mind! Lovely bunch of peeps and I was made to feel very welcome.
I was perusing the comments and came across one where my new friends were saying a "calendar would be a good fundraiser"............... so, as I was in a particularly helpful mood that day......... I've sent an e-mail to Gok Wan @ Channel 4 proposing a "Moobs and Boobs" calendar producing programme, aka calendar girls. Now knowing how "not backwards in coming forwards" our followers are, here is your opportunity to get in on the act and nab a month before they all go. So far, January, April, May, September and December are spoken for possibly, but that still leaves 7 months to fill as we speak.
Of course, we still have to wait and see if Gok can help, but if not then I will pester some other poor celeb.
By the way, has anyone got 2 tassels and a fig leaf?


  1. HA. I love this idea! Some years ago, a bunch of men in Vermont made a calendar to raise money to build a community center. They posed in the buff with things in front of them like a chainsaw(he was a logger) tool belt(carpenter),
    etc. I admit to buying a few, one for me and another for my sis. The guys wound up on a nationally syndicated morning news show in NYC and made so much money, they built the community center and then they had to find more things to spend the money on. I think this is a great way to make money. We're in, as long as they have an airbrusher on staff that can trim 15 pounds off me! ;)

  2. Well after Lorna's January Moobs comment over on Ruth's blog I had B worried for weeks about becoming Mr February! :D

  3. Can't see FL volunteering for this one somehow...! He will be relieved you only want YOUNG moobs!
    Um... they could wear knitted willy-warmers...?!

  4. Feb it is then 'B' xx

  5. And Ruth...... FL definitely qualifies....and yes to the willy warmers. xx

  6. COUNT ME IN! I'm under 50 and happy to don (not don) whatever's necessary!!! I'm an August baby but can fit wherever needed. Where's this site MIke?