Saturday, 15 May 2010

Rising the dead to the world

Please don't get jealous Toni, but I took the drip stand for a walk today.
I felt awful yesterday with headache, but got a bit of sleep last night and am able to drink fluids a bit again after iv antibiotics.
Thanks for all the prayers you lot... very heartening xxxx.
I'll be out to hug you soon Lorna, and help with the shopping.

Update by Lorna:
The improvement was short-lived. By the time I visited, Mike was in a terrible state again and the antibiotics have taken their toll.


  1. Sending best and positive thoughts and wishes to you Mike and hoping that today is a better one. We have been thinking of you and wishing for a speedy diagnosis, quick recovery and return home.
    Our sincere good wishes from Lincolnshire.
    Susie and Hamada.

  2. Micky, You hang in there. The antibiotics will help and if I know Lorna, she will be watching out for you. I am praying for you and Lorna daily.

    Rebecca Weber

  3. Hold him to it, Lorna! We are all witnesses!
    Good to see you are up to blogging - get better, immediately please!

  4. Get shopping now - you could hang the bags on the IV Stand. I know they can be a bit tempermental but at least you dont have the added hinderance of a bra to complicate things further! More good thoughts heading your way - still a little lethargic but just as potent once they arrive. xx

  5. I see Lorna hasn't told you too much then Paula....lolx

  6. Sending you positive thought and best wishes! -lina