Saturday, 13 March 2010

Rock and Diamond

Hi everyone, just have to say I think it is easier to be the MM sufferer than ever to be a carer, there are so many worries and so much work for carers whereas as a sufferer I only have to take it as it comes, (no
The reason I'm writing this is because I want the whole world to know what a ROCK and a DIAMOND my lovely Lorna is. She is completely unselfish and totally committed to being my salvation, and only occasionally shouts at me when I'm TOTALLY unreasonable.
Now I'm cryin but wot the hell.....I LOVE HER VERY MUCH xxxxxxxxx.


  1. There isn't a lot I can say other than I love you too. xxxxxx

  2. Lorna - to quote my friend's 4 year old grandson 'Don't you ever, are you listening to me, don't you ever' let Mike do a post like that again. I was reading it when B came into the room and asked what I was looking at as I was a little watery eyed. I showed him and stated that he never put anything like about me, paused and then said 'Oh, yes, I should be putting it about you!' Doh.

  3. This is too sweet you guys. Mike, I give you credit for giving credit where it's due. Not all men, or people, are capable of that and sometimes all a caregiver wants in return is a thank you. And Lorna,
    you are a lucky woman, as I'm sure you know. I have written many times about caregiving in my blog but the biggest difference I see in the
    caregiver/patient roles is that people don't expect anything from the patient. It is understood that person must deal with their health and his/her family, friends, etc. will not expect much from them or rely on them for anything. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that AT ALL and I'm sure some patients may disagree and could tell me a thing or two about the pressures they feel but I'm talking about real expectations here. The flip side is that so much is expected and needed from a caregiver. Suddenly one is overwhelmed with extra responsibility just when you are devastated and feel least like you can handle it. Somehow, ya just do and eventually, you adjust to the role.
    "Oak trees grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure." Thanks for your touching post. I'm gonna go upstairs and smother Tim with lovies right now.
    He'll be so pleased. ;o)