Sunday, 7 February 2010

Disclaimer: Blame him.

Where to begin? Well I suppose with the dreaded news of a week ago. Mike and I gave up smoking nearly a year ago and we hadn't felt right since. I went to see the doc had a load of blood tests done, nothing. Mike meanwhile came to the conclusion that his tiredness was simply due to the stress of work and it was only a really bad stomach that eventually convinced him to see a doctor. The doc did blood tests and the rest you can all fill in for yourselves. Mike has myeloma.
It is at this point that I should emphasise that to my knowledge there is no myeloma joke book, or even a website dedicated to such bad humour and as such, all jokes are the responsibility of Mike. He has always had, to my knowledge, a rather dark, dry, caustic sense of humour, some of which might be seen as in bad taste. Under the circumstances I think he should be allowed to say what he likes.
Getting back to the moment when our world changed forever (1/2/10):

Doctor: We've got the results of your bone marrow test Mike, it's myeloma

Mike: Sorry doc did you want it back? (Boom boom.)

With humour like that I'm dreading what he will be like on Dex!


The only thing I'm dreading is finding out I've got the European version of the disease....I think they call it Metre-oma. (Boom Boom)

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  1. I wish I'd thought of that comment, the only other comment I wanted for my own was when a very, very large breasted friend fell over and another friend when told said 'Didn't the airbags deploy?'