Friday, 17 October 2014

What a week!

Panic not, the above vehicle does not contain Mike. He is fit and well. It does however contain me! This rather special taxi turned up last Saturday morning to whisk me off to A & E as I had been getting a tad overheated since Thursday evening culminating in the all time high of 40 C, (that's 104 F for those who use old money or who live elsewhere in the world) when Mike took my temperature Saturday morning.  I can report that I am now much better, the heavy duty antibiotics have done their thing, although I still haven't much energy. 

The kali cardi is finished. You will probably spot the upcycled buttons for one of Mike's old shirts. The resulting item feels lovely. 

Mike had a hospital appointment Monday. His Hb is now 12.8 and the pp is still hovering around 5, so nothing is planned just yet. Next appointment is December.

Did you know Christmas is now less than 10 weeks away?!? I do so festive plans are now under way.

A very subtle snowflake I think you'll agree!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Nostalgia anyone?

I know it has been ages. I don't even know where the last few months have gone. We have been busy with one thing and another. We had one of Mike's oldest friends come to stay for a couple of weeks at the end of July while he was waiting to move into his flat. We helped my middle daughter move out, so now the nest is empty, along with a small piece of my heart. 

Those of you who are pals on FB will know I have been filling my time with baking and a small amount of knitting. The baking has mostly ended up in the bin as I have yet to get out of the habit of making muffins for five children when there is only two adults and one of those hasn't got a sweet tooth. I must have put on a stone. 

As for the knitting, well suddenly Myeloma UK announced on their FB page that they had run out of Buddies to sell and that they had got the pattern should anyone wish to knit some for them.

The Buddy family

So far I have three made, with another two awaiting stuffing. 

In true Lorna and Micky style, the whole process was not without the usual c*** ups. So keen was I to make a start that I ordered 10 balls of the prescribed colour and type on the usual auction site, only to find that I had ordered chunky by mistake. This resulted in the following being made by Mike:

Dexy Dan and friend
The above photo is actually Dexy Dan II as the first DD was sent to Wanda and Dan. Wanda took him to do a skydive for Myeloma UK, you can find her just giving page here.

Wanda and Dan are a wonderful couple who had to firstly cancel their wedding as Dan was in hospital, only to rearrange it and it took place in hospital at the end of August. Dan is at home now, I think his treatment is now purely palliative. Yet Dan is still raising funds for Myeloma UK and yesterday Wanda started another Just Giving page for Dan's Mamba for Myeloma. This is Wanda's FB post:

There is an awful sense of deja vu about it all. 

Apart from the Buddies I have started to knit a little something else. Whilst trying to find the wool for my production line I was seduced by a rainbow crystal kali.

Actually it wasn't actually kali as I never could stand the stuff, what I actually bought was this:

So I am knitting a kali cardi. 

I wasn't sure at first, but now I think it is perfect for a little girl's Christmas present. 

The final piece of nostalgia is the news that Mike's HB has dropped from 15.2 to 13.7 in a month. There is no denying the trend now, that sort of drop is simply not normal for Mike. 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Veggie flowers.

For no good reason other than I feel like it, I give you photos of my vegetable flowers. 



Sugar snap pea.

Male courgette /  zucchini.

Dwarf French bean.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Middle For Diddle*.

Social media is a wonderful thing, (well some of the time.) It connects us with other people from across the world, even if sometimes there is the time difference to cope with (I usually end up posting "Happy Birthday" wishes to Dave and Lynn when it is already the next day!) We've made some good friends and been able to share experiences of life with all our Myeloma Buddies. 

Some times it is a reminder though of one's luck, be it good or bad. There are those who have been off treatment for five, seven, even ten years or more. There are those who have been granted just a few months, or as is the case with Emma J. no drug free time at all. 

It is hard to feel sorry for yourself knowing that there are others far worse off, but still there is that little voice that says "no fair" when the consultant tells you the numbers are creeping back up. Less than 2, 3, now 5. Mike sees Dr. B. again on the 14th of this month. Until then we'll have to assume we're in the middle for the diddle.  

*Middle for diddle: The throw of a dart to decide who has first throw in a game darts, nearest the bullseye has first throw.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Two years.

I still find it hard to believe that Paula is no longer around to poke fun at us, entertain us and comfort us. We still miss her terribly, but we have reached a stage where thoughts of Paula bring more smiles than tears, although writing this has got me all teared up. 

We often ask each other "I wonder what Paula would have to say" when we see something funny or think "I must tell Paula" only to realise we can't. Only a month ago I pointed out to Mike that despite three attempts, I could not get my courgette seeds to grow and that I reckoned Paula was interfering as she hated them. Since I pointed it out she obviously felt guilty and I now have several healthy plants. Thanks Paula.

I looked back at all the wonderful things that were said on Facebook and her blog as news of her death filtered through. The impact she had and I think still has, was tremendous. We are all better for having shared even a small part of her with Bernard and of course Buddy. Paula might have been small, but she had the heart of a lion and more compassion than there is water on Earth. 

We all miss you Paula. 

Photograph from the remembrance book at Paula's funeral  

Friday, 2 May 2014

Secret squirrel

When I showed my eldest daughter my latest bit of crochet she promptly posted this on my Facebook wall:

She was wrong, wasn't she?

 Seriously, would I crochet a bowling pin for fun?

Would I then give it arms and a face?

Yesterday when I eventually finished it and posted a photo on Facebook I was asked if it was a zebra........

What do you think?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Anneanne to Madisyn

Yesterday morning at 3:12 I became anneanne (Turkish for maternal grandmother, my preferred title) to Madisyn Lillie, She wasn't due until 9th May, but my daughter developed pre-eclampsia and on Saturday morning they started the induction procedure. Eventually in the early hours of Monday morning she decided enough was enough and a c section was performed.

Madisyn was born weighing a very respectable 7lb 3oz, not bad for a baby nearly 3 weeks premature. I got to visit this afternoon, but I wasn't allowed to take photos. The atmosphere was chilly at best, my daughter and boyfriend having made it clear that they will not be bringing her to my house anytime soon. Today may have been the only chance I get to hold my granddaughter, I may not see her for months or even years, at least I have my other children to keep me posted and supply secret photos.