Saturday, 6 February 2016

What to do?

I am only a couple of weeks into my fund raising but it has become clear that there are people out there who have decided they won't sponsor me as they don't actually want me to shave my head. That leaves me in a bit of a quandary. Do I let down the few who have generously donated already and not shave my head? Do I come up with another idea? Do I do it despite not reaching my target? 
It has left me feeling a bit useless. What with Mike's dialysis five times a week,  looking after the essential household tasks and trying to run a small business I don't have the time to spend training for an athletic task. So dear readers I really need your help with coming up with a plan. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

One for the ladies.

How many off you in the past have wanted to raise vital funds for a charity and yet not had the resources or ability? Skydive? Not for me. Abseil? NO WAY I can't even paint the ceiling and any way Mike already did that. A marathon? Er, not this year. I don't have the contacts or the time to organise a ball or the grand "June Garden Party" I dream of. 

So for all the ladies out there and some of the men I have decided to take on something that is possibly braver than a 10 second (I do underestimate the time) skydive or lowering yourself on a rope (even if it is from a high bridge!) I have decided to raise money and when I reach my target shave my head. As anyone who has lost their hair will know, the commitment is rather longer than just a day. 

I originally intended to shave my head in solidarity with Mike five years ago, without raising money for Myeloma UK, so this year as Mike approaches his next round of treatment, he'll tell you all about it soon, I have set myself a target of £2,500 and when I get it I will go bare! 

So dear blog readers, if you can spread the word globally, share with family and friends and maybe donate just a small amount I will hopefully get a bare head while the weather is good during the summer! 

My JustGiving page is:

Friday, 18 December 2015

An early Christmas present from Dr.B

Yesterday, exactly 6 years to the day ....... (17th December 2009) I was given another early Christmas present from my consultant Dr. B. 
Yes folks it's time for me to jump on the Myeloma bandwagon proper again. The Proteins have shaken and spun to 15 and Dr. B has his thinking cap on and has given me a six weeks appointment in which time he hopes to have worked out my treatment regime.
In cricketing terms 5 years post SCT is a damn good innings, but I still feel a bit stumped. There are a few tests ahead, but hopefully I'll be batting for a few more years yet.
Well at least I get to exercise my funny bones again....... BLACK HUMOUR HERE I COME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Christmas is coming!

I know that statement is a tad obvious, but yesterday I made my Christmas cake. I didn't bother last year as I seemed to be the only person to eat it previous years. The idea of Christmas has me jumping about like a kid, I am enjoying the build up, knowing that the actual day will be tinged with sadness, okay a lot of sadness. I miss my kids on Christmas Day more than any other day of the year. The being woken at 5 in the morning to be asked if it was time to open presents, the excited looks on their faces. The fun and games, the TV was banned. We had a very relaxed "eat what you like" policy, no slaving over a hot oven, a large buffet of food was laid out and everyone just helped themselves to what they fancied. Times change, I know that. One is working, two have new families who they spend the day with, one is far away and the last can't decide where she wants to be. I just hope I can get them all together for the now traditional "Italian Extravaganza". I won't bore you all again with the details, you can read about it here or even here

Mike says the same thing every year, "let's spend next Christmas somewhere sunny" and every year we have the same discussion about what I should cook! This year it will be turkey and all the trimmings. We invited one of Mike's oldest friends and his new wife over for Christmas Day. We didn't want him spending another one feeling so depressed he wont even get out of bed! 

Talking of Mike I was very remiss in not updating the blog on his discharge from hospital last week. He seems to be on the mend, he is certainly a lot better than he was even last week when he came home. 

I hope you don't mind me boring you all dear readers with my Christmas preparations, Mike is sick of listening to me already!!! :)

My fantastic 5

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Happy All Hallows Day

I have never celebrated this time of year. Not as a child or even with my own children. It is only recently that the children in the area have started to trick or treat. A few managed to catch me in between visits to the hospital, I suspect a great many more called while I was out.

Mike is slowly getting better, the antibiotics took a while to kick in and at one point they wondered if it was a viral or fungal pneumonia rather than bacterial. His blood pressure has returned to normal, he now has to try and get the IV fluids they pumped into to him back off during his regular dialysis. 

I really can't complain about my lot, there are others who are far worse off. Still, I find the loneliness difficult to cope with, I have my online friends, people who send me lovely messages of support, but few who are close enough to hug. My disappointment in my own children is difficult to deal with, especially as I have always been there for them.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Lonely old dog lady.

I practically have a crystal ball. I am going to be one of those batty old ladies with a pack of dogs, well a couple at least. I'll have no friends as no-one will want to visit my house as it stinks of dog. The only people I ever meet will be other dog owners and even then it will be a cursory "good morning" as we pass in the park. All my pension will be spent on toys and clothing for my dogs, oh and the occasional bottle of gin, "mother's ruin" you know!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Further news

I am back from visiting Mike. They have moved him from Accident and Emergency to a proper ward and his "abdo." pain has been diagnosed as pneumonia, which is what we said it could be this morning!

Mike is relatively comfortable, I have taken him a new pair of jim-jams (his usual ones have long sleeves no good for cannula or dialysis access) , new slippers (why does he never have any when hospital beckons?) and his own feather pillow. He is on a high dose of codeine so he's nice and drowsy! 

His BP is still very low, but they are reluctant to pump anymore fluid into him for fear of doing more damage as his kidneys can't process it.

I'm going to settle down this evening with a good book, a gin and tonic and just relax, I need it.