Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Well we came away from yesterday's appointment pretty much none the wiser. Mike had to be wheeled from the car and back again, I'm becoming quite adept at steering the hospital wheelchairs now. The consultant doesn't know why Mike feels so poorly, it doesn't think it is a haematology problem, The draw back of having multiple things wrong with you is that each consultant can blame one of the others. I don't blame Dr. B., out of them all he is really the only one we truly trust. 
Mike has a bone marrow biopsy scheduled for Monday, hopefully that will provide answers one way or the other. We are due to see Dr. B. again in a month, until then we are in limbo (well I feel like I am, I don't know what Mike is thinking anymore.) 

Sunday, 9 December 2018

The big one.

Tomorrow we have a very important meeting with the haematology consultant. Mike insisted that he couldn't wait until the end of January and had it brought forward. I feel as if I am in a weird world where I suspect there are no answers, for either of us. Mike knows what he is going to say and I just have to nod my head and support him. 

I will fill you in on any news on Tuesday. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Advent fun 2.

Sheena thinks her new earrings make her look festive.

The Tiger twins aren't too sure which star is the one to follow.

Monday, 3 December 2018

Advent fun.

Did I tell you my daughter split up with her boyfriend in July and that as a consequence she and my granddaughter were living with us for a couple of months? No obviously I didn't as I wasn't blogging. 😆

They have since moved out, but the house is still full of their stuff, we collect the little darling on a Wednesday from school (she only started in September) and have her until her mom has finished work. We then take her to school and collect her on Thursday and Friday. We fit dialysis and hospital appointments around the new timetable of life.

As we have some of M.'s toys around I thought it might be fun to Instagram what they have been up to while she is away (her mom shows her the photos on her phone). I know the rest of the world have elves, but I have never liked conforming to the norm!

I thought I would share with you all the first three days.  

Somebody's tiger wants to eat the chocolate!

Sheena wanted to help sort the decorations.

The Tiger twins don't seem to understand the idea of an Advent calendar.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

When the wind blows.

The weather here is a tad blustery (I don't want to exaggerate!). Gale force gusts had taken down a couple of fences when I woke this morning. On a World scale this is nothing, two fence panels on the floor (broken of course), the only problem really being that Toni could easily go for a wander around the neighbourhood (watch out cats!)

I kept her locked in and after breakfast set about securing the perimeter with all the flair of  Heath Robinson. The panels are supported now by various crates full of stone and a couple of poles at jaunty angles which are weighted at one end with heavy bags. 

I should be proud / pleased that I have proven my self-sufficiency, I don't need a man in a crisis (the builder will be replacing the panels when the wind dies down.) Instead I am a blubbering wreck, it's a job that Mike would have done just a couple of years ago. It's the little things that set me off.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Fundamental error?

Okay so I made a fundamental error. Any of you out there who are crafty will know that: 

  • Four weeks isn't enough time to make everyone a present.
  • You can't make biscuits or sweets a month in advance unless you can freeze them (my freezer is teeny tiny and full). 
  • I'm not fast enough at doing stuff these days.
That doesn't mean I am giving up, it just means I will have to wait a couple of weeks and then go on a made cooking spree (I have more chance with edible presents than I do knitted / crocheted / sewn.)

The plan is:
  • Chocolate truffles (various flavours).
  • Toffee (various flavours).
  • Coffee cups (can I really temper chocolate?!?)
  • Cranberry and white chocolate cookies (they are divine).
  • Pebernødder (done these before and Toni loves them).
I just have to be patient now.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Let the countdown begin.

Despite all our troubles, I am determined to make Christmas special. With only five weeks to go I need to start thinking about the gifts I am going to give. 

I plan to give everyone gifts that are at least in part homemade, be that blackcurrant gin (more a liqueur than a gin), sweets or biscuits. 

These are ready to wrap.
I am busy looking for recipes now, for things I can make that will keep until Christmas.