Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Here we go.

With nine weeks to go until Mike's SCT we have started the count down to BARE63. You all remember my fund raising post don't you? Just in case you don't you can find my original blog entry here

There has been a slight change in plan, instead of raising £2,500 then shaving my hair off, I am definitely shaving my head on January 10th 2017!!!! May be people will take pity on me once I am naked and cold :) 

Last Thursday we (I) initiated stage 1.

A pixie cut. The cut is dual purpose, it will allow my ears to acclimatise to the cold weather and at the same time make it much easier to dye. 

The second part of my fundraising is that we will be dying our hair a rainbow of shades. Yes I did say we. Either today or tomorrow Mike and I will be getting out the peroxide and bleaching our hair. Stay tuned for further updates!!!!!

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