Thursday, 30 July 2015

This One Is For Eric.

A month ago when I started my new fitness regime I could barely jog for the 60 seconds requested by the podcast, so I repeated week one. 

Week two came along and the 90 seconds had me gasping for air, the 90 second recovery walk seemed to last about 30 seconds, so week two made a second appearance. 

I am now on week 3 (my fifth week) and the podcast has me running* for 3 minutes, walking for 3 min. running* for 90 seconds, walking for 90 seconds and then repeat.  

Today I decided that I would run to my local shop. I was inspired by a chap called  Eric Gelber who is currently running 135 miles through Death Valley and beyond. I managed to run / jog 0.7 miles in 7.5 minutes. I know it isn't far. I know it isn't fast. I know that I am 40 pounds (nearly three stone in old English) overweight. I know that I am PROUD of myself for making such massive progress. I am off my couch and on my way! Every time I feel I can't go on I think of Eric and his "Just a mile to go" message. 

*For running it might be appropriate to say jogging through treacle, but I am moving!!!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

21st Century Garden July 2015

Good morning everyone, where has the past month gone? I'm pleased to report that I am on my fourth week of jogging, I don't run for long yet, but it is getting a tiny bit easier. Any way back to the garden.

The peas are finished, I have harvested the last of them and put them in the freezer to enjoy over the winter. 

 The first beetroots are ready too, those got made into a delicious salad.

The first of the early potatoes are up, we will eat them baked in their skins with chilli this evening.

All around the garden we still have plenty going on.


Bell pepper

Dwarf French beans

More French beans
 The young beans make a wonderful salad along with roasted hazelnuts.



Do you remember the photo of the beans last month? Well the runners have taken to the sky, it is actually 6 inches above the trellis!
Runner beans

Runner bean flower

Courgette / zucchini
Last month I showed you all how beautiful the rose arch is looking, the pond has matured beautifully too. 

It would appear that "everything in the garden is rosy."