Friday, 17 October 2014

What a week!

Panic not, the above vehicle does not contain Mike. He is fit and well. It does however contain me! This rather special taxi turned up last Saturday morning to whisk me off to A & E as I had been getting a tad overheated since Thursday evening culminating in the all time high of 40 C, (that's 104 F for those who use old money or who live elsewhere in the world) when Mike took my temperature Saturday morning.  I can report that I am now much better, the heavy duty antibiotics have done their thing, although I still haven't much energy. 

The kali cardi is finished. You will probably spot the upcycled buttons for one of Mike's old shirts. The resulting item feels lovely. 

Mike had a hospital appointment Monday. His Hb is now 12.8 and the pp is still hovering around 5, so nothing is planned just yet. Next appointment is December.

Did you know Christmas is now less than 10 weeks away?!? I do so festive plans are now under way.

A very subtle snowflake I think you'll agree!


  1. dear Lorna,

    I am so glad you are okay! I hope you and Mike are having a good autumn - I think about you both often.



  2. I was worried too, but then saw some comments on FB that reassured me you were both well... it is deja vue (or vuja de - I think I've been here before and I don't like it...) to see the MM buddies... I still think of Paula and her wry sense of humor. And still miss her, as I guess a few of us do. Here's to a winter that doesn't wear you out!