Friday, 8 February 2013


Today I would like to rant about how unfair life can be. 
How I was born too short and too wide.
How my father left and my mother hated me for it.
How alone I feel in a crowded room.
How I found my soul mate, for him to be struck by the big C.
How I'll never swim with dolphins or visit Santa Claus.

But instead I will count my blessings.
A man who loves me as I am.
Five children who are all good people.
An internet of friends who pop by at times of need.
I have precious memories of true love.
I have Toni, my garden and an imagination. 


  1. You are NOT too short or too wide. You are silly for thinking that, though.)

    My father left too and for that I was glad because I was better off without him. My mom hated him for a very, very long time. She might have died hating him.

    It is an awful feeling to feel alone especially in a crowd.

    Cancer is always a bitch. A mean spiteful bitch.

    Santa Claus. You never know. I have yet to meet a fairy but I believe they are out there.


    I bet that man that loves you agrees with me and doesn't think you are too short or too wide and thinks you are silly! xo

    Five good children! Worth more than all the tea in China.

    Internet friends have proven to be the best friends of all.

    Precious Memories. I think there is a hymn with that title.

    You are blessed.

  2. dear lorna,

    good you were able to make that first list of "unfairs". i hope it made you feel better just ranting - we all need that at times, and also need to know we are not alone. you are not alone - ever. won't let it happen. i'm here, i'm in, and feel free to rant away. this is your blog and part of blogging is being able to let 'er rip whenever you wish. there is indeed an awful lot of shitty unfairness in this world. but you are doing the best you can to appreciate the good things in life, and that's HUGE. keep writing! you say what many of us feel, and you help those of us who feel alone with our own rantiness. (is that a real word???)

    love, XO,

    karen, TC

  3. OK girl, you and I are struggling this week, but that's what we gotta do, find the diamonds among all that rough. We're going swimming with the dolphins in May down in Key Largo. Y'all can come. We'd LOVE to vacation with yas!!!!
    Admittedly, I may be camera person while Tim and Liv swim with the dolphins. We'll see. ;o) Keep counting those blessings!