Friday, 22 February 2013

Belated Photo Friday

These are the photos I took last Friday when my garden looked as if Spring had arrived. It was short-lived, we now have cold grey weather again and the forecast of snow tomorrow. 


Almost daffodil
I should have posted them last week, but things have been a little chaotic. I followed Mike down the path of ill health, but of course was unable to take to my bed. I feel mostly recovered now, unlike Mike, who is still in bed, not eating properly, his sense of smell triggering nausea attacks so bad there have been nights we couldn't be in the same room. 

I don't think I need say how my nerves are. 


  1. Ohhhhhhh, drat it all... so sorry you are both suffering and I hope by the time you read this, things are on an upswing, not the kind that brings up anything undesirable, either. The daffys do look hopeful. We are starting to see shoots here, too - finally.

  2. dear lorna,

    so glad you're on the mend, but sorry mike is still a little wonky. get better soon, mike!

    the photos are lovely, such pretty spring colors - no worries that they are belated. i'm just impressed you had the gumption to be able to post them so we might have a peek. take care, lorna, and don't do too much so you can continue to feel better.

    love, XOa,

    karen, TC

  3. Boy, do I know what you mean....we caregivers can't, are not allowed, to get sick!

    Glad you are feeling better and hoping that Mike recovers soon. Although, if things at your house, are like ours....something else will pop up on this roller coaster ride!

    Hugs from this wife/caregiver in MS!

    (Our daffodils bloomed, as did the old pear tree! We will know it's spring when the Pecan trees begin to bud.)

  4. Oh dear me - this won't do. Get well soon - both of you! That's an order! There's a dog needs walking!

  5. dear lorna,

    the photos are lovely - you are really a good photographer! so nice to get to see real signs that spring is on it's way.

    i have been thinking about both mike and you, sending my most powerful vibes for healing and comfort. hope this week finds you both much improved - though you recovered quicker, it's still a strain being the CG with all the worries and lack of sleep. please keep us posted.

    love, XO,

    karen, TC

  6. You have not posted in a while and I am hoping that you are feeling better. xo